We offer playshops (instead of workshops) for families, parent groups, playgroups, schools, camps or any business or organization who is interested in learning energy management for themselves and/or the kids and teens in their care.  We serve the local Austin community and may be available to travel to special communities all over the United States and eventually abroad. 

Playshops are usually a one-time event introducing the Mindful Kids tools and each playshop is tailored specifically for the audience needs/goals/desires. For on-going learning, please see our programs below. Playshops usually range from 1.5-2 hours depending upon the audience. They are a great way to introduce the Mindful Kids tools and start the journey! 

“Mindful Kids classes are so special and unique. They provide a sacred space for slowing down and learning by living and experiencing right next to your child. They also provide immense insight into everything from parenting to just living life intentionally. It is like the best elements of a parenting workshop, yoga class, meditation practice, and conversation with a best friend all combined into one and made vibrantly whole in its own special way. Heather provides a wealth of wisdom, condensed in an approachable way, and taught with tools that make it easy to access later. Heather herself is such a peaceful, loving person and she truly connects with each child on their level, through play and exploration. She always seems very alive to the moments and experiences even as she does the work of facilitating them. I am deeply grateful for the lessons our family has learned at Mindful Kids!”


Julia Spector Mancini, Parent, Yoga Teacher (January, 2017) 

Enrichment Programs and Classes for Schools, Camps & Groups 


We offer classes and programs for kids and teens in preschool through high school. The more opportunity for practice with the tools, the deeper the experience and the more quickly individuals can integrate their learning. This learning builds upon itself, and requires time to explore. We offer an introductory series of classes which are age and developmentally appropriate and consist of 5-8 classes per series, lasting from 30-50 mins, depending upon age and time available. After the introductory series - Time In for You and Me - we offer more advanced learning series based on school, age, and interest of curriculum. We offer school based programs, after school enrichment programs, as well as classes open to the public in spaces throughout Austin. 


"Heather radiates warmth, love and generosity.  My students enthusiastically look forward to her visits each week!  Between her visits, I often overhear them quietly singing their beautiful "Time In" song and tapping along to the beat.  She is extremely patient, kind and open-minded, often incorporating children's spontaneous ideas into the lessons.  It's also very clear to me and to the children that she cares deeply about each individual child.  She truly sees them for who they are, and they feel it.  Additionally, I've found Heather to be very responsive, flexible and easy to communicate with.  She is a joy to work with!"   


Nicole Haldayna, Director and Teacher, Woodland Schoolhouse (August, 2015) 

Professional Training

Part of serving children means offering opportunities for teachers, coaches, counselors and anyone who works with children, formally and informally.

We currently offer stand alone workshops geared to provide specific tools to assist childcare professionals in their work each day.

We offer learning series for teachers at schools. 

We are also developing on-going training for those who are called to learn the depth and scope of mindfulness and meditation within their own lives as well as their work.


"After attending Heather's Mindful Kids workshop, I feel this has given me extra tools to understand how to create that space needed within myself daily and the children around me that I share this space with. Heather is so warm and inviting, learning with you as she opens the dialogue to enrich our future. I especially loved seeing what was shared with us led in its truest form with children/families attending. Her facilitation style makes all around relaxed from the moment you meet her. I am grateful to be part of this movement and look forward to incorporating all of my learnings/tools within my future."

Cynthia Bernard, Child Yoga Teacher (August, 2016)

For Parents and Caregivers

Much of what we offer for professionals can also be hugely beneficial for parents, grandparents and any caregivers. Please see above. We also offer specific workshops for caregivers about the benefits of meditation, and to guide them as they support their children in learning the Mindful Kids tools. 

Mindfulness, meditation and energy management is a practice for the whole family! 

"The kids and I gained so much from being a part of Mindful Kids. Heather is truly a gifted teacher and fully embodies the work she does. It was so vital that I participate in the activities, because together it gave the kids and I a new shared base of knowledge and vocabulary that we could come back to, and did come back to, throughout our days. The time practicing with Heather each week brought a new level of awareness to each of us. Through the eyes of an early childhood educator and parent, I noticed how Heather  interacted with the kids so gently, guided them with her invitations to new knowledge and new skills, loved them so clearly with her warmth and her smile, and was totally present. I watched how  Heather just allowed them to BE. That is so counter-culture. Heather so delicately showed them that they were heard, responded to them with genuine interest, and let them be in all their 4 and 5 year old wiggly-ness. That was beautiful!”

Rachel Soto, Parent, Teacher and School Director, Verona Schoolhouse (December, 2016)  

Individual Guidance & Mentorship


Heather currently has a small number of openings for individual guidance for children and teens. This is powerful work transforming the traditional therapeutic model. Through one on one sessions and personalized guided meditations, the information is absorbed and integrated at an increased pace and with deep and lasting energetic resonance.


Heather is also available for mentorship or consult for parents, counselors, therapists, teachers, coaches, educators or anyone whose work touches the lives of childrenShe loves working at a systemic level with all aspects and individuals in learning environments helping to integrate mindful and meditative practices. She is available to work in person (local, Austin) or long distance via video conference. 

 "Working with Heather at Mindful Kids has helped us at Mama Melli Childcare Center create a loving, grounding space for the kiddos.  She has not only taught us how to teach mindfulness to the little ones (ages 1-3), but she has taught us how to practice mindfulness ourselves, helping us BE wonderful caregivers and conscious BEings. We have truly enjoyed our time with her and we look forward to learning more! Thank you, Heather! You're helping me transform Mama Melli's!"  

Melissa Peck, Owner and Teacher, Mama Melli Childcare Center (August, 2016)

Mindful Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, TX.

We offer and create pioneering resources for social, emotional, spiritual, and energetic learning for children of all ages and the child within.   


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