outcomes of meditation

Why teach kids energy management tools? 

Many people ask us what we do but few ask us why.

Here is what we see in the lives of the children and adults who live a mindful life.

The benefits are truly infinite. 



Listen and hear with clarity.

Learn to filter out the noise and learn to hear their information above the chatter in the world. 


Learn to be here now, present in their body and space and time. 



Create an ease with all things and an understanding of the flow in the universe. 

Acceptance as doors open and close. 



Trust and depend on their inner states of knowing to lead them.

Connect to themselves, their divinity and Source/Spirit/God. 



A deep appreciation for all of the gifts of life. 

A feeling of truly belonging in this place and time. 



A knowing grace for oneself. 



An internal sense of what is what is aligned and what is not. 



The ability to see clearly what is true and real for oneself. 



A joyful spirit. 

One that knows they are safe in the world. 



Empathy for all beings. 



Live with love and a true lightness of being. 

Know that love is what we are!


These are the foundational principles of Mindful Kids. We highly value these attributes and qualities and it is our mission to bring the messages and energy of these to all with whom we share our tools and information. 

Mindful Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, TX.

We offer and create pioneering resources for social, emotional, spiritual, and energetic learning for children of all ages and the child within.   


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