the call for adults

At Mindful Kids it is our intention to provide many "tools" for children to BE in the world in a deep, authentic and powerful way.

The way they were meant to be here. Their way. We believe, and have found to be true, that the more we can give space to these big spirits in little bodies the more THEM they can be.


It might seem that would take little effort on our part, but that's not the case at all, is it? 


It actually takes a great deal of work to unlearn many of the things we were taught about what it means to be

a parent, a teacher, a leader, a counselor.


It takes choosing to see with clear, conscious eyes, in order to create a vision of what and why we are doing what we are doing.


It takes courage and bravery to step out of the molds, stories, shoulds, or shames. 


It takes passion and patience to pause and not react instinctually until we have trained our instincts to be aligned with our highest selves.


This takes individuals who are grounded, connected and present.


This takes people willing to live on purpose, in each moment with each breathe, each thought, each action, with all of themselves.


Whoa! That is so big, right? And so inspiring.


And it takes discipline, learning, questioning and a willingness to step out into somewhat unknown territory. 


This is where Mindful Kids comes in. This is what we would like to offer our children, to offer all children. 

Mindful Kids' intention is that the tools we offer to children also assist the adults who guide them in showing up in a way that feels true to them.  


So teach these tools to your children (or the children in your care) but let it not be lost on you how important modeling the tools is for them. Guide them and all the while be guiding you.

As you serve them, let your service shine a light on who you are, so that you may see yourself more clearly and soo too, the world. And as your light shines, it will remind all those with whom you come in contact, of their own.

One by one, we light up the world with love. 

Mindful Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, TX.

We offer and create pioneering resources for social, emotional, spiritual, and energetic learning for children of all ages and the child within.   


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