Time In 

At Mindful Kids we are into names. We like to make up special names for special things. We believe the work we do with kids is special and we believe the time kids take to connect to themselves is even more so. So we gave it a special name, we call it "Time-In".

During Time-In we teach and create energy management tools using breath, chant, songs, meditation, imagination, visualization, books, movement, art, intention and more! We connect to the energy that is inside of us and all around us and imagine and create with our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. 


We call it Time-In because it is our special time to step inside and foster a relationship with Self. This is our time IN. 


Time-In is spent in curiosity, in knowing, in awe, in dialogue, and in amusement. Time-In is a practice, a discipline, where we learn to go deep within to find the answers, guidance, clarity and connection we seek.


We believe this training will serve our children for the rest of their lives in feeling seen, heard, valued, and loved. It will allow them freedom to make choices as powerful, capable beings with the knowledge and trust that they are being guided on their path for their highest good, at all times. Through this sacred work, our children develop a conscious relationship to themselves, to Self (with a capital S).


Through this work, our children learn they can choose their instincts and greet the world with compassion, empathy, insight and neutrality. 

Mindful Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, TX.

We offer and create pioneering resources for social, emotional, spiritual, and energetic learning for children of all ages and the child within.   


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