types of meditation

At Mindful Kids we practice, explore, and teach many types of meditation. The purpose of the meditation we practice is to develop a conscious relationship with our inner minds.


We practice aspects of the three main methods of meditation:

Focused Attention (Concentration), Mindfulness (Open Monitoring), and Effortless Transcending.

Within those methods, we practice techniques of breathe meditation, mantra meditation, yoga meditation, and mindfulness meditation.


However, we spend the majority of our focus on Energy Meditation, which is a powerful kind of meditation where we use our intuition and imagination to shape and form what we see inside and outside of us. Energy Meditation awakens all of ones senses by creating an awareness, openess and connection to the energy that is within us and around us. It is based on the belief that everything is energy and that as we begin to see ourselves as a part of the Oneness of all that is, we can utilize the light within us to shine the way for all beings, everywhere.  


This is a helpful article if you would like to read more about different types of meditation. 


Everything is energy. 

Mindful Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, TX.

We offer and create pioneering resources for social, emotional, spiritual, and energetic learning for children of all ages and the child within.   


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