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Energy Practices to Restore Connection For Families & Educators - 4 Class Audio Series 



Our world is a chaotic place, especially right now. 


Our energy is scattered, we’re feeling disconnected. 


Families are struggling with schools and screens. 


Children are overwhelmed and experiencing heightened stress and anxiety. 


No one’s needs are being fully met. 


We need tools to help us process in ways that allow everyone to feel heard and seen. 


We need resources that will help us slow down and come together. 


Are you ready to step into a new way of relating with your children? 

A way that feels both more grounded and more expansive? 

A way that allows you both to grow and learn together? 


We need to create solid ground in our homes and schools. 


We need containers and rhythms that nourish our well being. 

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With Energy Practices to Restore Connection, you will: 

Strengthen Relationships & Develop Practices that Soothe, Inspire, and Transform 


This uplifting four-class audio series is focused on how to create daily rhythms and rituals that can restore a sense of inner and outer connection during this challenging and changing time we are all facing. 


You will learn: 

-Energetic Hygiene Practices 

-Sensory Input Strategies 

-Mindfulness Games 

-Somatic Movement Exercises 


Do you want to help strengthen your children's capacity to know themselves, to be with themselves, and to create in the world? 


Do you want your children to be able to understand and process their experiences in tangible and meaningful ways?


Do you want to connect with the true universal language - the language of energy?


This class is specifically geared towards empowering parents, caregivers, and educators as they guide their children to fortify their sense of self, build a foundation of internal dialogue, and move through the world from a grounded and secure place. 


We will explore simple practices to engage with throughout the day that are transformational to an individual, a family, a classroom, and beyond. 


During these classes you will be guided to activate and awaken your imagination and intuition through meditation, unique games, special songs, meaningful movements, and guided imagery. Everything we explore is through the lens of adventure and fun! 


Connect and Engage with Joy. 


Overview of Classes:


Class 1: Introduction to Rituals and the Language of Energy

-Writing exercise to get clear on the rituals that are currently shaping your life

-Energetic Hygiene Practices

-Grounding, Centering, and Releasing 

-Guided Meditation: Tails 


Class 2: Going Deeper into Energy Practices

-Values and Agreements - Mindfulness Game for expressing and sharing behavior and emotional responses 

-Introduction to Energetic Anatomy: Grounding, Central Channel, Auric Field

-Guided Meditation: Waterfalls, Bubbles, and Gold Suns


Class 3: Mindfulness Games and Sensory Input

-Treasure Hunts 

-Weather Reports

-Nature Adventures 


Class 4: Somatic Experiencing and Energetic Expression through the Body

-Movement Exercise and Guided Imagery 

-Introduction to music as change agent 

-Learning Songs

-Closing Inspiration 

Exchange: $44  (That’s only $11 for each one hour long course!) 

Dive in and start listening NOW. 


Imagine a more connected, fuller, and richer relationship with your child or the children in your care. What a huge impact! 


These four classes will build a foundation for inner connection that will inform your child’s sense of self and strengthen all of your relationships. 


Restore peacefulness. 

Renew hopefulness. 

Begin here. 








Your children speak the language of energy. Become fluent together. 


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