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The Sacred Path of Parenting 

Inner Circle 

It's time. The inner circle is calling...  


WHAT: PART Group Spiritual Guidance, PART Playshop, PART Mastermind, PART Women's Healing Circle... That's the Sacred Path of Parenting Inner Circle.

For years I have dreamt of holding a container where women can come together on the shared journey of parenting as a spiritual practice. Where we can witness and share with one another openly, vulnerably, and learn from one another as we step in, heal, integrate, envision, and create, independently and together.

Well, the time has come.

If you are ready to open, shift, and expand into a new way of seeing and being with yourself and your children, no matter their age, or yours, I welcome you to apply to join the circle. The space is available for 8-12 powerful women who are already awakened to the healing parenting invites and are ready to go deeper. 

Parenting as practice 

Using all that arises in the mundane and in the mess as the sacred invitations deeper into the mystery of who we are of who they are of why they are here to guide us to ourselves 

Main basis is what I described to Jules - that we learn to love ourselves all the pieces by loving our children - we learn to hold and gather and connect to-


WHEN: 2/22- 3/28 : 12-1:30pm eastern 


WHO: You?! All women, mothers, grandmothers, anyone who mothers another being...


INVESTMENT: $222 (for the ENTIRE PROGRAM)  Normal price is $888



Sharing and then teaching on theme and then go back around 

5-8 opening prayer and poem or meditation guided 

50 mins sharing - 5 mins per person 

15-20 teaching 

10 mins to set intentions 


Each week there’s a theme


???Whatapp or telegram group for group holding and support in between and community and questions or just prayer circle that kind of thing - masterminding together 


Application Questions 


Please share why this group resonates with you.


What are you intending/hoping to receive from this time together? 


What are your current practices, rituals, and connections that guide your journey at this time? Do you have a therapist, spiritual guide, coach, energy worker/clairvoyant or any other professionals you see to care for your well being? 


How did you hear about this group? 


Please share anything further about your parenting journey thus far that you’d like me to know. 


Weekly Topics:


Raising Them/Raising Us - Loving Them/Loving Us


Parenting as a spiritual practice - Looking at our Wounds


Loss and Letting go - separation, connection, individualism, autonomy 


Rhymths and Rituals - containers that enrich and expand our hearts and homes 


ASking for help - guidance and support from here and beyond 


Co regulation - reflections, mirrors and finding solid ground


Weekly email with either a recording on the topic or an email to read introducing the topic, or both. 

Each week some resource, meditation for you or your kids, or both, games, songs, etc. 

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