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At Mindful Kids we are into names. We like to make up special names for special things.

We believe the work we do with kids is special and we believe the time kids take to connect to themselves is even more so. So we gave it a special name, we call it "Time-In".

During Time-In we practice noticing, knowing, connecting, and creating 

with the energy that is inside of us and all around us using: 

breath, chant, music, meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery,

visualization, puppets, books, movement, art, intention and more! 


We call it Time-In because it is our special time to step within and foster a relationship with Self. 

This is our time inside. Inside our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits. 


Time-In is spent in curiosity, discovery, exploration, neutrality, and amusement. 

Time-In is a practice, a discipline, where we learn to go deep within to find the answers, guidance, clarity and connection we seek. This is extremely important training as it is exactly the opposite of what the outside world teaches us


This training will serve our children for the rest of their lives in feeling

seen, heard, valued, and loved.

It will allow them freedom to make choices as powerful, capable beings with the knowledge

and trust that they are being guided on their path for their highest good, at all times. 

Through this sacred work, our children develop a conscious relationship to their inner knowing,

and see themselves as what they truly are. 

Through this work, our children learn they can choose their instincts and greet the world with compassion, empathy, insight and neutrality.


At Mindful Kids we practice, explore, and teach many types of meditation. 

The purpose of the meditation we practice is to develop a conscious relationship with our inner world.


We practice aspects of the three main methods of meditation:

Focused Attention (Concentration), Mindfulness (Open Monitoring), and Effortless Transcending

Within those methods, we practice techniques of breath meditation, mantra meditation, yoga meditation, and mindfulness meditation.


All of the tools we teach are grounded in Energy Meditation, which is a powerful type of meditation where we use our intuition and imagination to shape and form what we see. Because our children organically operate in the world in this way, it is a perfectly aligned platform with which to explore. 


In Energy Meditation we create energetic constructs to engage and interact with our own inner and outer landscapes. As we do so, we awaken our senses by creating an awareness, openness, and connection to the energy that is everywhere. Energy Meditation is grounded on the belief that everything is energy and that as we begin to see ourselves as a part of the Oneness of all that is, we can utilize the light within us to shine the way for all beings, everywhere.  


Everything is Energy.


Why teach kids meditation and how to manage their energy? The benefits are truly infinite. Teaching meditation to children is not a luxury, it is a necessity. At this time in which we live, it is integral for every human being to be able to connect within and know how to navigate both the inner and inner worlds. We are multi-dimensional beings, it's time to teach our children this truth. Here are a few examples of what we see in the lives of children and adults who live a mindful life. 

Listen and hear with clarity. Learn to filter out the noise and learn to hear our information above the chatter in the world. 


Trust and depend on our inner states of knowing to lead us.

Connect to ourselves, our divinity and the Oneness of All. 

Create an ease with all things and an understanding of the flow in the universe. 

Acceptance as doors open and close. 


A deep appreciation for all of the gifts of life. 

A feeling of truly belonging in this place and time. 


Learn to be here now, present in our body and space and time. 


A knowing grace for oneself. 


The ability to see clearly what is true and real for oneself. 


An internal sense of what is what is aligned and what is not. 


Empathy for all beings. 


A joyful spirit. 

One that knows they are safe in the world.


Live with love and a true lightness of being. 

Know that love is what we are!

These are the foundational principles of Mindful Kids.

We highly value these attributes and qualities and it is our mission to bring

the messages and energy of these to all with whom we share

our tools and information. 



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