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Through gentle, accessible metaphor Crying Is Like the Rain will help children explore their feelings, understand themselves, and navigate life's passing storms. 

“Crying is Like The Rain is a timely gem! This simple and profound book does an exceptional job of helping people of all ages understand that our emotions don't need to be judged or shamed or shut down. Rather, if we just remember that "it's all weather" we can allow the storms to come and go and celebrate the beauty that emerges as a result. 


This is an essential read for anyone interested in new ways of understanding child development, emotional well-being and conscious parenting. Consider this a family primer for the evolution of humanity.” 


- Carrie Contey, PhD 

Human Development Specialist


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AMMI- A Mindfulness Adventure

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Ammi, a mindfulness adventure for young children, was published in Root and Star magazine from 2017 through 2019, when the magazine ended production.


We have now made all the stories digital so everyone can join the journey, exploring ourselves and one another through universal themes like Circles, Water, Fire, Home, Rainbows, Forests, Stones, and more! 


Each story uses guided imagery to teach children inner connection and emotional regulation. These simple meditations inspire imagination as the building block for conscious creation and bridge the physical, the energetic, the emotional, and all the spaces between. 

Ammi is a gentle and wise child who leads the way...


Available Soon. 

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Rhythms and Rituals: Energy Practices to Restore Connection


A 4 Class Audio Series  


- Our world is a chaotic place, especially right now. 

Our energy is scattered, we’re feeling disconnected. 

Families are struggling with schools and screens. 

Children are overwhelmed and experiencing heightened stress and anxiety. 


. . . . . No one’s needs are being fully met.


With this course, you will:

Strengthen Relationships & Develop Practices that Soothe, Inspire, and Transform 


This engaging and uplifting four-class audio series is focused on how to create daily rhythms and rituals that can restore a sense of inner and outer connection during this challenging and changing time we are all facing. 


You will learn: 

-Energetic Hygiene Practices 

-Sensory Input Strategies 

-Mindfulness Games 

-Somatic Movement Exercises 


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Mindful Kids - In the Community...

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Mindful Kids was featured in this awesome article from Culture Map. Click title to read the full article.

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Heather wrote this guest blog about what makes a "really good" education from a parent's perspective. Click the title to read about why what we teach and advocate at Mindful Kids is so integral to serving the whole child. 

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