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Mindful Kids is a community of voices coming together for one shared purpose. To support our children in knowing themselves and to support ourselves as we guide our children. We are here to create resources to guide ourselves and one another on the path to wholeness, to a deep sense of understanding why we are here. 


So many of our young children today are sensitive. You could call them intuitive, empaths, rainbow children, star children, whatever word resonates with you. These children, your children, our children, are highly attuned to the subtleties of the vastness of consciousness that we humans are capable of. They are here to guide as we evolve. They are here to shake us up, to wake us up, so we can create a new world together. We must lead them as they lead us. 

But, how? 


Our children are growing up in a world that teaches them to not know themselves. This is especially hard for our sensitive ones, for the leaders. 

There's too much noise, too many distractions, too many things vying for their attention, and our children are suffering. 

They feel disconnected. 

They feel overwhelmed. 

They feel separate. 

They feel alone. 

They feel anxious. 

This may be conscious or unconscious. 

This may create behaviors that we recognize as effects of this experience. Or not. 

Sometimes we aren’t even able to recognize or connect behaviors to their roots. 


Because, overall, we are disconnected. Oh, we are very connected, we can get on an instant chat with someone across the world, but many of us can't sit and be with our child as they FEEL DEEPLY. Mostly because we haven’t learned to sit deeply, period. And especially with feelings, ours or anyone’s, including those we love the most. 

Our children are learning that in order to be a part of this external world they must shut down their internal world. 

They receive the message that power lies ‘out there’, not ‘in here.’ For many of us, this is all too familiar. We have experienced this shutting down. We may remember when we used to know what we wanted, or remember when we could hear our inner guidance, or even remember the ease and freedom of being young. 

That freedom and sense that all is well in the world comes from feeling safe to BE. 


It comes from feeling free to express ourselves, to create in the world, to be seen and heard, and to understand our value. We have that as children because that is Truth and we recognize it because we are still so connected to our Source. The more time we spend in this world the more conditioned and programmed we can become by the beliefs, ideals, structures of control and materialism, competition and greed, that can be found all over the globe. 

But is there another way? 


Yes. Absolutely. We can choose a different path. 

We can emphasize the interior. 

We can change the way we direct, guide, and nourish our children’s bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. 

We can create opportunities for our children to make a conscious connection, a relationship with their internal world, their inner guidance, so that as they grow they would never think of cutting off or closing that down that part of themselves. 

We begin with US. 

A movement of self acceptance, a welcoming of all of who and what we are.

A movement where wholeness becomes mainstream. 

We change OUR world, and that changes THE world.  

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Let's start here ...

Can we parent our kids the way we deeply desire to when we are still learning to parent ourselves? 


Can we love and accept our children fully when that love doesn't reach our own inner child? 


Can we teach our children to love themselves when we haven't learned to accept parts of ourselves and we are living in shame, consciously or unconsciously? 

These are really important questions. 


So, have you ever wondered why people become parents? 


It’s something A LOT of people do, but how often is the WHY really discussed? There are a whole lot of answers, from deeply personal to instinctual, but from an evolutionary awareness, from an emotional, energetic perspective, we become parents so that we can heal ourselves by raising our children. 


That’s it. 


We see ourselves in our children, that is why they touch us so deeply - both in uplifting and infuriating ways. They represent our inner children, the parts of ourselves that can be frozen in time - scared, wounded, alone. When we accept, embrace, and love these aspects of ourselves that we call our children, they become integrated in us, we become more whole and then we naturally pass these gifts along to our children by the way we treat them and relate to them. Then we have the opportunity to experience ourselves differently because our children are changing before our eyes, they are able to receive that new wholeness from deep in our being, and it’s reciprocal. 


That is how we heal the generations forward and the generations behind. 

Forgiveness is available, grace is available, freedom is available, faith and trust are available. The world is new. 


This is why this work is integral to the change needed for humanity. 


Here you will find voices of moms and dads (and caregivers of every kind) just like you and me. We struggle, we are uncertain, we feel alone. We see where and how patterns began and we want to do it differently with our children, but sometimes we don't know how to begin. We want to learn from others who can share their perspective so we can all benefit from the shared healing. We can see our own blocks to loving and being loved, and we want to do the work to heal while we teach our children a new way of being too.

That’s Mindful Kids. 


Let’s change what we see so that our overall experience of knowing ourselves, having ourselves, and showing up in the world, is through the lens of love.

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There’s no time like the present to begin...

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