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We envision a world where our children and the people who raise them, teach them, and guide them can experience themselves as empowered, embodied, and enlightened beings. 

Beings who love themselves, know themselves, honor themselves, can BE with themselves, and can freely share their unique gifts with the world, deepening a peaceful existence for all. 

What is a Mindful Kid?


A mindful kid is aware - of their bodies, their feelings, their thoughts.

A mindful kid is connected - to their imagination, their intuition, their truth.

A mindful kid trusts - their abilities, their knowing, their experiences. 

A mindful kid understands - energy, compassion, and boundaries. 

A mindful kid is skilled to navigate their inner and outer landscapes. 

A mindful kid uses their voice and expresses their power. 

A mindful kid walks gently yet firmly on our earth. 

A mindful kid radiates joy from the inside out.

A mindful kid is a child who thrives. 

This is the birthright and capacity of every child. 
No matter what. 
Because this is the gift of humanity
and the expression of our divine essence. 

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Your Invitation 


We provide resources to support children BEING in the world in a deep, authentic, and powerful way. The way they were meant to be here. Their way.

The more we can give space to these big spirits in small bodies the more THEM they can be.


This requires something of us. 

It can take a great deal of work to unlearn many of the things we were taught

about what it means to be a parent, a caregiver, a teacher, a leader, a coach, a counselor.


And in this way, this work is disruptive.

It disrupts old paradigms and ways of thinking about relating to our children and ourselves.

This work is not a band-aid, or a short term solution. 

This work is transformational healing for families, communities, for the planet.


It takes a willingness to step out into unknown territory where we can build

a new way of being together. 


This is the purpose of Mindful Kids.


This work is an invitation to deepen in our experience of what it means to be human

and live a full, conscious, connected life. This work is centered around children, and we can’t grow or work with children without including our own inner children.

So, guide our children and all the while be guiding you. Let this work transform you.

Welcome the new. Live it. Breathe it. Integrate it. 

Then watch as everything you see changes.

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