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Mindful Kids is an organization, a calling, a community, and a movement.  

Our work focuses on guiding children (and all beings) in their relationship with themselves, emphasizing the freedom and peace inner connection brings. From a young age we are inundated with the message that what we want, need, and seek, is outside of us.  

We teach children, and the child inside, the truth - our power comes from within, not out.







for KIDS


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OUR MISSION is to create a movement of social, emotional, energetic, and spiritual awareness and awakening by offering pioneering resources that are accessible and affordable to parents, educators, and children of all ages. 

Let's learn how to weather life's storms.... together!


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“A family primer for the evolution of humanity.”

Carrie Contey, PhD Human Development Specialist 

“Crying is Like the Rain should be required reading... this book will speak to individuals of any age as they do the important work of emotional healing and reparenting themselves.”

Elicia Miller Founder of Core Emotional Healing

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© Mindful Kids is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, TX. ​

We offer and create pioneering resources for social, emotional, spiritual, and energetic learning for children of all ages and the child within.