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Spiritual Guidance is a sacred space in time to be together.

It is a time to make meaning out of what we see.

It is a time where the seeker and their companion explore, connect, and play in and with the Light.

It is a welcoming and comfortable container for listening, hearing, seeing, knowing, and being.


In this growth-space, the seeker is invited inside their heart, mind, and spirit to greet their own essence and allow it to inform, nurture, soothe, and inspire their human experience. 


In SG, we engage in every aspect of the child’s world; their physical experiences, their emotional journeys, their mental capacities, and their spiritual understandings. 


In SG, we explore how each child individually connects with Spirit/Source/God, while creating opportunities to do so in natural and familiar ways as well as in new and unfamiliar ways. In this way, the practice deepens and expands their capacity to connect to Source.  


In SG we explore inner resources, rituals, and practices that help us get to know ourselves and connect with Divine Love. These are ever changing and expanding as we grow and engage with Life in new ways. 


In SG we become curious together and come alive.

We sense awe. We create wonder in even the most simple things.

In SG, we reduce distraction and focus on what is here and now and we make it sacred.

With breath, kindness, gentleness, open hearts, laughter and tears, we find ways to anchor, to ground ourselves into our bodies, to listen to the deep wisdom they hold. 


In SG, we ask big questions. We leave room for all different kinds of answers to arise and arrive. We explore what is happening around us and inside of us. We speak through the universal languages of imagination and intuition. We tell stories, we reflect, and we process how life is reaching us and teaching us. 


During SG, we are creating language around and consciousness of what is already happening in a child's intimate connection with Spirit. We bring it into awareness and we ground it, we connect it to what they are experiencing in the world. So their inner world and their outer world can align. So they can bring their authentic Self to the world.                      As they walk each day, growing and developing, they have the ability to resource themselves. 


                                During SG, we create a safe place where we are invited to sit with what feels uncomfortable or                                              challenging and know we are ok. This is a deeply important and valuable experience that builds

                                capacity, resiliency, and compassion. 



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Spirit School

Spiritual Guidance with Children and Families


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Children have an innate spirituality. It is a core aspect of who they are.

Along with food, shelter, safety, and security, it is one of their basic needs.

Spirituality is an essential part of their being and it is always in a state of growth, development, change, evolution, and transformation.






Children have an innate spirituality. It is a core aspect of who they are.


Along with food, shelter, safety, and security, it is one of their basic needs.


How's that for a transformational and pioneering thought?


Spirituality is not something in addition to, it is an undeniable and inextricable aspect of who they are. 


Spirituality is an essential part of their being and it is always in a state of growth, development, change, evolution.


There is a deep longing within all beings, children included, that calls out to their source, to be in connection with the life force and love that created them and that infuses them with vitality, wisdom, and truth.


Children have a mystical intelligence that is vibrant, intuitive, available, and expressive.


This intelligence needs to be nurtured, cultivated, and requires spaces for expression, and encouragement



All are welcome here.

Many families that seek out this space consider themselves to be spiritual but not religious, multiply religious, interfaith or inter spiritual, not religious or spiritual, believe in sacred activism or perennial wisdom, or something else entirely. 


We value and seek Connection.

In our bodies, in our lives, and in our beings. 


We value and seek to develop and deepen our relationship with ourselves and our experience of Life.

We listen to how Life is speaking to us and through us. 


We are Creators in the world. 


We are Whole.

We can sit together and share the things that scare, upset, discomfort, anger, confuse or concern us and be present with them. We don’t have to fix them or change them or seek/ask others to do anything. We seek to be our own guide, holding and caring for ourselves in our suffering.


Love guides all that we do and all that we are. 

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All are welcome here. We value and seek connection.

We are Creators in the world. We are Whole.

Love guides all that we do and all that we are. 




I bring all of myself to this pioneering and sacred work. An educator since 1997, a counselor since 2006, and an energy worker since 2010, all inform this unique offering of presence that I provide. Now as a certified spiritual guide, I integrate all of my training into this work. I am inspired as a mother, as a writer, as a dancer, as a friend, as a human being. 

In my eyes, we are, each of us, Whole, Eternal, Light, and Life. SG sessions are there with the intention of remembering this truth. We are creating a lived experience that builds a foundation upon which an individual can write the story of their life as a spiritual creator. 

As a SG, my role is always to BE WITH. As individuals explore, explain, understand, discover, and embrace all that is moving through them while they recognize how Life is leading them, I am there to share, to sit with, and look through their lens at what is available to be seen for the next step to unfold.


Overwhelm, discouragement, anger, sadness, pain, even suffering will come on any path. As an individual opens to what the opportunity is for them through the process, I will bring my presence in support of the worthiness and worthwhileness of every sacred passageway


As a SG, I create the space and the container for our exploration. That includes physically, emotionally, and energetically. Physically, you will see consistency, beauty, and rituals in place to support the virtual environment. Emotionally, I offer a place to wonder silently and aloud, a place where all of ourselves are welcome and seen. Energetically, the session is held in the highest regard for gentle connection, playfulness, and respect of one another’s truth and expression. 


As a SG, I will bring opportunities to connect and explore together. I will ask questions, direct or indirect about what I am noticing. I may bring a topic or broad idea to look at together. Perhaps a book, a stone, or a story that could lead us into infinite possibilities. The child/parent/family then listens to where they are guided. And then we follow the flow

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When I am with a child, I see them fully, wholly, and clearly.

I often have instant connection with the children in my practice. 

I offer them total unconditional devotion.

I see beyond their personality to their spirit.

These infinite beings guide the work completely.

It is grounding, empowering, fueling and fulfilling to them.

Every child deserves this gift! 


Individual and Family Sessions: (Virtual Office) 

3-5 year olds: 15-30 mins - Weekly (with parent)

6-8 year olds: 20-45 mins - Bimonthly (parent presence optional) 

8-12 year olds: 30-55 mins - Bimonthly (parent presence optional) 

13-17 year olds: 50-60 mins - Bimonthly (parent presence optional) 

17+ years: 60 mins - Monthly (parent presence optional) 

*Fees are sliding scale and range from $30-80/per session

Spirit Circles: Group Guidance for Children 

Bimonthly 50-60 min groups (parents not included) 

Ages 6-12yrs (groups to be determined) 

Adult Individual Sessions: (Virtual Office) 

Monthly or Bimonthly 60 min sessions

On-going SG or as-needed sessions for emergent topics 

*Fees are sliding scale and range from $70-120/per session

Spirit Circles: Group Guidance for Parents 

Monthly meetings with small group





The first step to establishing a SG relationship is to set up an information session. During that time, we will discuss why you feel called to this work, for you or for your child(ren). Together we will explore the length of sessions, frequency, and find a time that works for everyone’s schedule. During that time, we will discuss introducing this work to your child(ren) and I will guide you through each step of the way. Please email me at

Please note that all sessions are virtual and I am seeing families all around the globe.


Many of the children who seek out this work are exceptional children. Sensitive, intuitive, and gifted children. At times that can mean that these children struggle in our current world and culture and may be perceived as different in some or many ways. And, it may also mean that these children are selected as role models and leaders amongst their communities and peers. 


No matter where your child is or what they are experiencing, this work will support them deeply on their path, now and as they grow. The work makes an imprint that lasts. 


Similarly, the parents of these children are likely themselves to have many of the same qualities, whether they are overtly or covertly expressed or even understood and recognized. This is part of what makes this work so unique and holy. There are opportunities for deep generational healing and growth.




Parenting is a spiritual journey. In Spiritual Guidance sessions with parents, we explore how the practice of parenting is calling us deeper into our connection with ourselves and with Spirit/Source/God. The work of SG for parents, whether in session with or without their children, means finding a place of peace in the deepest parts of ourselves and developing a relationship with ourselves that we may have never allowed ourselves to fully embrace. It is a reparenting in many ways, as well as a falling in love, because Spirit is both our Father/Mother as well as our Beloved. Whether you are curious how to raise your children spiritually, how to engage with parenting as a spiritual practice, or how to have your own relationship with Spirit amidst the throes of family life, this work is here for you. 




"Spiritual guidance sessions with Heather were a beautiful way for our family to connect during a time of uncertainty. They helped cultivate more intention, playfulness, inquisitiveness, and nurturing within our family. After each session I felt more connected and close to my children and grounded within myself. My children loved having the special time to all feel closer and be curious."

-MS, 2021


 "Our session(s) are really powerful! I have never felt us both just RESET like that. NEVER!! Such deep gratitude for Heather and the gifts she brings to my family."

-SA, 2022

"Spiritual Direction with my child gave me a blueprint to be who I am with him spiritually, to not have to have 'formal' spiritual traditions but to just let things flow as they flow without being 'official.' In that way it allowed me to have spiritual freedom in my relationship with him. I am deeply grateful for Heather's relationship with my child and for her witness to his becoming. It was a special friendship where my child felt seen, known and beloved. 

-RKS 2022 

Reach out to Heather at


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