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Ammi is a gentle and wise child who leads the way . . . .


Ammi is a mindfulness adventure series created and developed by pioneering counselor Heather Hawk Feinberg, founding director of Mindful Kids and author of Crying is Like the Rain. It received high acclaim and was adored by children of all ages and parents alike. Used in homes and schools - as bedtime story, soothing meditation, mindfulness practice, connection creator, it is a truly valuable and meaningful resource.


Purchase Now and Receive:

  • An introduction to guided imagery with children

          - Learn the best practices for guiding your children through these stories and meditations.

  • 14 Full Spread PDF pages

          - With stories, guided meditations, poetry, Try This ideas, and beautiful original artwork from Courtney Mandryk


After purchase, you will recieve an information file that includes an introduction and instructions for acceessing the the full Ammi content, including the ability to view online or download for your own personal use.

Ammi - Mindfulness Adventure Series

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