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"The Grounding Song" 
Age: Infant-Teen
Format: Song 
Description:This is the first song our founder wrote. It's the original Mindful Kids tool! It was written as a first step in teaching small children how to ground. However, we now use it for all ages, in all our play-shops. It is a true favorite! This is a great tool for parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, and anyone wanting to create sacred space and make a soul connection with an individual or a group. 
*We are currently offering a free download of this song when you join our community. Sign up on the Connect page or click the soundcloud link below to hear the chorus!  
"You Are The Light" 
Age: Infant-Teen
Format: Meditation
Description: This bedtime meditation is a beautiful and sacred way to send your little people off to the astral and dreamtime. This is one part of our book by the same name which one day we hope will be in countless bedrooms the world over. Until then, at least we can share this comforting, loving and purposeful way to tuck your children in for sleep any time of the day or night. 
"The Four B's" 
Age: Preschool-Teen
Format: Guided Meditation/Game  
Description: This guided meditation is a fun and easy game for anyone to follow along and enjoy. Using the four B's (Breathe-Brain/Belief-Body-Bubble) children are guided to shift their focus and recenter themselves. This is a great tool to teach our children to ground their energy and check in with themselves throughout the day.

This page contains original Mindful Kids tools. Here you will find songs, meditations, guided imagery, visualizations, videos and more! This page is being updated! More to come...


Big NEWS! Our first children's book 'Crying Is Like the Rain' is currently being published by Tilbury House and will be out Spring 2019! Please watch our social media feed or join the email list for the latest updates and to get yourself a copy as soon as they are available! Below are other titles not yet published. 

Children's Book:

"Everything Changes"


This book for kids about living with the loss of a loved one has the flavor of a modern day Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet except the conversation we witness is between a child named Star and a wise tree in a forest which has come alive. This wise, unique and transformative book has all the components it needs to change how we talk to kids (and each other) about death and mourning. Everything Changes is like walking into another dimension where sound psychological theory lives alongside the magic and mystery of the universe. Weaving natural, universal and spiritual laws, this book holds the reader by their hands and their hearts, and delivers a message of hope, love and unity.

This book must be in every classroom, every therapists office, and eventually in each home where a child who is suffering alone can find it and remember the truths offered within its pages. 

Children's Book:

"You Are The Light"


This book is part meditation, part guided imagery, part energy tools and all magic! Using an ancient prayer and many modern ones, the simple but profound words in this book will touch and move both the reader and its intended audience, our cherished children, as they enter the dreamtime. A meaningful and purposeful way to tuck your children in each night, this book is sure to become an essential part of your bedtime rituals. 

Children's Book:

"Hello My Brother, Hello My Sister"


This book's message is a universal one. It introduces children to the awareness that everything we see is a reflection of ourselves. With courage and love, this book invites children to deepen their trust in the world while they explore their relationships with everyone and everything around them. This book is filled with such deep wisdom, it will be a valuable companion for parents and teachers alike who are teaching for a peaceful world. 

Children's Book: OUT SPRING 2019! 

"Crying is Like The Rain"


In this book which parallels the natural world with the inner world of feelings, we learn first hand the surprise children the world over are keeping from their caregivers...crying is like the rain. The deep wisdom within this book is the message that we are not our feelings and that they are as normal and important as any passing cloud. This book will inspire and thrill readers from infant to elementary.  

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