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Welcome! Mindful Kids is an organization, a calling, a community, and a movement. Mindful Kids was founded in 2016 to support children in discovering their voices, accessing their power, and

connecting to their innate knowing. 


Our work focuses on guiding children (and all beings) in their relationship with themselves, emphasizing the freedom and peace inner connection brings. From a young age we are inundated with the message that what we want, need, and seek, is outside of us. 


We teach children, and the child inside, the truth -

our power comes from within, not out. 

We believe in a world where our children can KNOW themselves, HONOR themselves, BE with themselves, and SHARE their gifts.   

Mindful Kids provides pioneering resources for PARENTS, TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, ORGANIZATIONS, as well as OUR CHILDREN and TEENS as they navigate this changing world. 

We invite you to sign up and become a part of the Mindful Kids community. Our online community is ever-growing and you can start learning and exploring music, meditations, games, writing, and experiential learning.

Creating conscious connection from the inside out.


Navigating our inner and outer landscapes is an integral piece of learning how to thrive in this world.

Children who are aware - of their bodies, their feelings, their thoughts.

Children who are connected - to their information, their intuition, their truth.

Children who are emotionally and energetically conscious - of boundaries, inside and outside of themselves.   

Children who can speak their power. 

Children who radiate joy from the inside out.

This is what it means to be a mindful kid. 



The Mindful Kids mission is to provide and create spaces where social, emotional, energetic, and spiritual resources for children of all ages and the child within are easily affordable and accessible to the community so that we all may live a life of freedom and joy, following our unique voices, power, and truth, cultivating and nurturing a conscious relationship with the entirety of our beings. 



All children deserve and require opportunities
to have their intuition and unique knowing acknowledged, valued, and supported.


It is our intention to provide resources to support children BEING in the world in a deep, authentic, and powerful way.

The way they were meant to be here. Their way.

The more we can give space to these big spirits in small bodies the more THEM they can be. This requires something of us. 

It can take a great deal of work to unlearn many of the things we were taught about what it means to be a parent, a teacher,

a leader, a coach, a counselor.


And in this way, this work is disruptive.

It disrupts old paradigms and ways of thinking about relating to our children and ourselves. This work is not a band-aid, or a short term solution. This work is transformational healing for our world.


It is change. Systems change. 

It takes choosing to see with clear, conscious eyes,

in order to create a vision of what and why we are doing what we are doing.


It takes courage and bravery

to step out of the molds, stories, should's, or shames. 


It takes passion and patience

to pause and respond with our full selves instead of reacting instinctually based on fear. 


This takes individuals who are grounded, connected, and present. Who are willing to do the work themselves. 


This takes people willing to live on purpose,

in each moment, breath by breath, thought by thought, word by word, action by action, with all of themselves.


And it takes discipline, learning, questioning and willingness,

to step out into unknown territory. Where we can build a new way of being together. 


This is the Mindful Kids purpose. 

We are here to guide you as you guide them, and you. 

This work is an invitation to deepen in our experience of what it means to be human

and live a full, conscious, connected life.

This work is centered around our children,

but this work is for ALL OF US!


Share these resources with (your) children and let it be clear to you how important living this information is for everyone. Live it. Breathe it. Integrate it. Let it change you.

Guide our children and all the while be guiding you.  

As you serve our children, let your service shine a light on who you are, so that you may see yourself more clearly and so too, the world. And as your light shines, it will remind all those with whom you come in contact, of their own.


One by one, we light up the world with love.


Our founder, Heather Hawk Feinberg, was born in Santa Monica, California and called the beaches of Venice her playground for the first four years of her life. Since then, she has lived in California, Colorado, and many other states in the U.S. and even abroad. One of her favorites was the year she and her family lived in Israel when she was thirteen. 


Heather has been an educator for twenty five years and a counselor for thirteen years, but it was her exploration into the world of energetic and intuitive arts which formally began eleven years ago, where she awakened to a level of healing and freedom that was life-changing.

In 2010, she began her journey into motherhood, which has been the most transformative experience of all. Seeing the world through this new lens, her path began to change and she felt called to work with kids, parents, teachers, counselors and anyone who helps guide our children in brand new ways. Heather heard the call to return to her childhood love of writing, music, and movement. 

And that is how Mindful Kids was born...


Heather is a thought leader.  Her work is focused and grounded in developing and creating tools for transformation in all aspects of life.


Heather has a B.A. in Anthropology, and an M.A. in Counseling and Human Services from The University of Colorado. She held a license as a professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Colorado. She trained extensively at the Inner Connection Institute in Denver, Colorado and is a student of A Course In Miracles. Above all else, Heather is here to learn, and this is how she loves to learn. She lives in Austin,TX with her husband and daughter where you can find her dreaming up her next children's book and sitting by the water. 


Heather offers individual, couples, and family spiritual counseling. She writes for private organizations educating creatively about social emotional learning. Her work is featured in the children's magazine, Root and Star and her debut children's book, Crying is like the Rain, will be arriving in June 2020 from Tilbury House. To learn more about working with Heather privately, email her at (coming soon!) 



Mindful Kids is honored to have these individuals on our board of directors.

Their guidance, care, expertise and energy holds and nurtures the organization.  

David Klow, LMFT

David is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, trained Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Guide. He is the founder and owner of Skylight Counseling Center and a Clinical Lecturer through the Department of Psychology for Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy Program at The Family Institute. Combining traditional psychotherapy and spiritual healing, David helps hundreds of people annually to find deeper passion and meaning in their lives. 

Claire Molk 

Claire is a graduate student at University of Denver who will receive her Masters in Religious Studies in May 2020. With a personal exploration of spirituality, yoga and mindfulness guiding her, Claire also works with non-profit and non-governmental organizations to reach out to those in need during the difficult times humanity is currently facing. She believes service to others reflects our service to our own higher purposes. 

Deborah Feinberg

Deborah has been an educator, formally and informally, for over 40 years. She truly embodies the word "teacher." She began her professional career teaching in New Jersey public schools, and has since worked with children and adults in many areas of growth and development. Over the last five years she has focused her energy on becoming a grandmother and embracing all the opportunities for learning that journey has brought. Her unique perspective and nurturing spirit are a gift to all who know her and to all with whom she shares her time. 



Jules Spector-Mancini

Jules is a writer, parent, and acquirer of literature degrees living in New Zealand, via Austin, Texas. Jules is mom to a 9 and 5 year old, who daily remind her to stay present and alive to the beauty in the world. Jules is also on the steering committee for Austin Jews for Justice where she is able to stay connected to local issues and work in solidarity for a more just society. Jules comes to Mindful Kids with a passion for empowering kids about the value and power of their own experiences. Jules believes that a more peaceful world will ultimately come from teaching the next generation about peace, love, and inner connection. 

Erica Parfit 

Erica is the mom of two young boys, who are the light of her life. She works as an assistant guide at a local Montessori school in Austin, inspiring children each day with her grace and compassion. Erica is a writer, musician, and massage therapist. One of her early memories is asking her dad if the meaning of life was "to become a better person." What that means to Erica is to always be striving toward a level of mindful living that involves real connection with others, and a way of moving through life that helps to create peace and good will in the world around her.

Check out and follow Erica's music and her creations on You Tube or instagram

Lindsey Heddleston 

Although Lindsey took a deep dive into the meditative and yogic realms years before her first child was born, it wasn't until she became a mother that she discovered the profoundly rich practice of open-hearted motherhood. She believes early childhood offers immense opportunities for shifting deeply ingrained patterns in both parents and children. Lindsey guides parents and children to states of new possibility through guided meditation, mindfulness, and embodied awareness.

She is very grateful to be in connection with Mindful Kids.

To learn more about working with Lindsey, visit her website.


"The kids and I gained so much from being a part of Mindful Kids. Heather is truly a gifted teacher and fully embodies the work she does. It was so vital that I participate in the activities, because together it gave the kids and I a new shared base of knowledge and vocabulary that we could come back to, and did come back to, throughout our days. The time practicing with Heather each week brought a new level of awareness to each of us. Through the eyes of an early childhood educator and parent, I noticed how Heather  interacted with the kids so gently, guided them with her invitations to new knowledge and new skills, loved them so clearly with her warmth and her smile, and was totally present. I watched how  Heather just allowed them to BE. That is so counter-culture. Heather so delicately showed them that they were heard, responded to them with genuine interest, and let them be in all their 4 and 5 year old wiggly-ness. That was beautiful!”

Rachel Soto, Parent, Teacher and School Director, Verona Schoolhouse (December, 2016)  

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